Areas of Law

In line with our focus on private commercial law, four major fields predominate within our practice:


One of our main areas of focus is on advising and representing management board members, supervisory board members and managing directors, particularly if they are made liable for compensation (liability of directors and senior officers, including D&O insurance).

Our practice further focuses on the law relating to companies of freelance professionals and disputes between shareholders or between shareholders and the company (shareholder disputes).

Within the area of corporate law we also advise on the drafting of contracts.

Real Estate

In particular, we advise property developers, construction companies, architects and project developers in the traditional areas of private construction law and relevant related fields.

Within real estate law our expertise extends to all issues relating to the life cycle of real estate, as well as renewable energy installations.


We also conduct complex and extensive litigation when the matter in dispute falls outside of the area of corporate or real estate law. Representing our clients in court has always been of great importance to us.

We therefore have considerable litigation experience. We ardently uphold our clients’ interests before both state courts and arbitration tribunals.

We also act as arbitrators and adjudicators.

Compliance and Corporate Governance – Sound and secure business management

The regulatory environment is becoming increasingly complex for companies, governing bodies, and employees. Violations are sanctioned by criminal and civil law and often pose a threat to a company’s reputation. We support you in managing your company in a legally compliant manner and in reducing liability risks. Depending on your company’s needs, we develop tailor-made compliance measures to ensure effectiveness without unnecessarily restricting your entrepreneurial activities.

We also have extensive experience in special issues, such as anti money laundering law.

Our work in these demanding fields also enables us to provide highly qualified advice and representation in other areas of civil commercial law. Our work therefore regularly covers the following areas:

  • Company succession
  • Distribution rights
  • Capital market law
  • Professional liability law
  • Art law